Facts About Betlion Jackpot,Predictions,Amount,Bonus


Betlion join the Kenyan market in the year 2019 and so far the company’s jackpot, commonly known as Goliath jackpot, has attracted the attention of thousands of Kenyans. There are two types of jackpots offered by Betlion, midweek and mega. The midweek jackpot has slightly few games,15 as compared to the mega jackpot which has a total of 20 games.

Midweek jackpot

Kenyans are offered opportunity to bet for Betlion from Monday to Friday in the midweek jackpot. The jackpot has a total of 15 teams and the total amount to be won is Ksh 15 million.

Though you can only win the Ksh 15 million if you get all the amount,Betlion has consolation amount for individuals who get between 11 to 14 games. The amounts are given in form of bonus as indicated below:

14 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 500,000*

13 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 100,000*

12 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 10,000*

11 of 15 Correct = Free Entry Into Next Week’s Jackpot

A single bet costs Ksh 50 and you are allowed to bet as many times as possible.

Betlion Mega jackpot

Betlion mega jackpot comes once a week with a total amount of Ksh 350 million. This is the only jackpot in Kenya that has ever crossed the Ksh 300 million mark.

The sports betting site introduced this jackpot to counter Sportpesa’s popularity.The main motivation is the whopping sum being offered to gamblers—Ksh 350 million.

When you play this jackpot,the bonus amounts to be won are as follows:

17 games—Ksh 500,000

18 games—Ksh 1 million

19 games—Ksh 5 million

20 games—Ksh350 million

One shortcoming about Betlion mega jackpot is that the bonus amount offered is less than what Sportpesa gives. It’s also extremely hard to win the total amount (Ksh350 million)

Amount to bet with

Betlion jackpot costs Ksh50 per bet but you are allowed to place double chances. One double chance costs Ksh 100,2 double chances Ksh 200 while 3 double chances cost Ksh 400.This amount is half what you’ll spend with Sportpesa jackpots.

How to join Betlion

  1. SMS JOIN to 40418
  2. On successful registration, you will receive PIN via SMS.



  1. Login to your betlion account and click on DEPOSIT on the top left corner of the site.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click “DEPOSIT” to confirm.
    3. You will receive an approval request (PIN Prompt) on your mobile phone to enter your Mobile Money PIN.
    4. Your account will be credited instantly after you enter your PIN.
    NB: If you do not receive an approval request within one (1) minute, Please contact us Helpline: +254709515000, Email: [email protected]

1. Go to MPESA menu, select Lipa Na Mpesa and click Paybill
2. Enter 212927 as the paybill and enter your registered betlion number as the account number.
3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and input your MPESA Pin
5. Confirm the transaction

How to Deposit money to Betlion via SMS


SMS the following: D#Amount or Deposit#Amount to 40418
Example: D#2000 to 40418


To withdraw via SMS, send the following code: “WD#Amount#PIN” or “Withdraw#Amount#PIN” to 40418.
Where PIN is your BetLion account PIN.
Example: “WD#5000#1234”
You will receive a confirmation message when your Mobile Money account has been credited.
BetLion does not charge for withdrawals. Minimum withdrawal is KSh. 50.

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  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
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  • Enter MPESA pin and send

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