“I Will Delay The Rains Forever,Don’t Insult Me”,Prophet Awuor to Kenyans


Prophet Awour has come out to claim God is not happy with Kenyans, which is why the rain has refused to pour. During a church sermon this morning, Awour warned Kenyans that unless they repent and stop attacking the prophet of God, the rains will delay forever.

“I warn you today,if you don’t repent and stop attacking the Mighty Prophet of God,I will pray for the rain to delay until you repent”, said Awour in his sermon.

Awour further said he has instructed Tanzania to continue holding the rains until all Kenyans repent.

“I am angry, very angry, until your repent, it will not rain, not anytime soon”.

The country has experienced persistent drought, forcing food to double in price and animals to die.What is remaining is for God to be generous enough and send some rain.