Kenyan Man Loses Wife to His Friend After Failing To Honour His Bet Following Manchester United Loss


A Kenyan man is in tears after his friend eloped with his wife.Omollo,who is a Manchester United fan,had offered to pay Caleb Ksh30,000 if Manchester United lost against Everton.Omollo was sure United will defeat Everton with not less than 3 goals.

The Red Devils die hard fine promised that in case he fails to honor his bet, he will leave his wife for his friend. Caleb on the other hand promised to give out his boda boda if Everton lost to Manchester United.

At exactly 5 pm, everyone knew Manchester United had lost.Omollo,who works as a carpenter, called Caleb begging him not to rush in claiming the bet. But Caleb stated he was in his right senses when he promised to give him Ksh 30,000 or the money. Omollo went ahead to switch his phone ,but Caleb how had been secretly talking with Omollo’s wife, went straight to the carpenter’s house and told the wife what had transpired.

Things became worse when the wife accepted to go with the boda boda man.Omollo is now officially single.