Cleaners and Drivers Jobs  in Saudi Arabia 2019


Job Opportunities for Cleaners and Drivers in Saudi Arabia

We are Consulting firm recruiting for Cleaners and Drivers for employment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Guided by the signed Agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of the government of Kenya we are subscribing to the following binding agreement guidelines:

  1. a)Recruitment of Kenyan domestic workers.
  2. b)Enforcing the rights and welfare of domestic workers and employer.
  3. c)Provision of labour market information.
  4. d)Streamlining the recruitment process.
  5. e)Endeavor to control recruitment costs in both countries.
  6. f)Ensure the recruitment of domestic service workers through recruitment agencies, offices or companies that are licensed / registered by their respective governments.
  7. g)Grant contractual parties the right of recourse to competent authorities in case of contractual dispute, in accordance with applicable laws.
  8. h)Adopt a standard employment contract for Domestic Workers, which shall be binding among the contracting parties (Employer, Domestic Workers, Saudi Recruitment Office, and Kenyan Recruiting Agencies).
  9. i)Take legal measures against recruitment offices, companies or agencies in violation of the laws of either country.


  1. Age 22 – 35 years
  2. Form 4 Level Certificate / Primary Level Certificate
  3. Current valid Certificate of Good Conduct
  4. Valid Kenyan Passport
  5. Valid Certificate of Training for the desired position e.g. driving certificate, Housekeeping Certificate and Nurse Aid.

NOTE: We will facilitate (Pay) your Visa and Flight Cost to Saudi Arabia. We charge a consulting fee of Ksh 2,500/= for the purpose of validation of submitted document and processing. Departure is in 2 weeks time.

For more information visit – nea website – downloads – Saudi Arabia Agreement. We are guided by the said agreement.

We are an agency certified by the Government of the Republic of Kenya.

Please email your application letter and CV including references to [email protected]

Deadline: 10th May 2019.