I Earn Ksh 600,000 Per Month,I Live in My Own Home But Men Are fearing To Marry Me, What Can I Do


My name is Jennifer and I want you to highlight my issue.

I currently live in Kilimani Estate Nairobi,I am single and searching. I work in Westlands Nairobi as a Human Resource Manager, my salary is Ksh600,000 per month.

When I completed undergraduate in 2000 I proceeded to Masters, then PhD.I was fortunate enough to get a job in an international organization where my salary has been rising to the current Ksh600,000. Since my status can’t allow me to live in eastlands,I ended up buying an apartment in Kilimani Estate.

My main problem is that I am getting old,I want to settle down and get children. This is the time I need a serious partner. But my main issue is that my preferred type of men are not approaching me, those who befriend me are only interested in sex.I have tried all I can,I have dated 13 men in 2 years and none has proposed to me.I cry every night for the right person to come,I have attended seminars but in vain.

What I want is your advise, which strategy should I use to get a man of my dreams,I am tired.