Why Women Are Always Poorer Than Men


No matter how institutions advocate for equality, women will generally remain poorer than men. It’s not that women are not doing enough to uplift themselves, there are things they do that drag them behind. If you are wondering why women don’t lead in matters to do with wealth, here are the reasons:

  1. Inheritance

African culture puts men in the forefront in regards to wealth inheritance. Land, being a natural recourse that contributes immensely to wealth creation, is in the hands of men. Even so, most women shy away from investing in land, hence remaining with cash that they don’t multiply.

  1. They hate risks

Most women don’t venture into activities that are associated with risks. Even jobs that pay well are held by men because women never studied courses that would propel them into such jobs.

You’ll also notice that businesses associated with risks are mostly done by men.

  1. Women hate each other, majority are not in leadership positions

Leaderships positions attract wealth. Politicians are among the richest individuals in the world. The number of women in political positions are worryingly few. When women are not exposed to politics, they are relegated to sheer spectators.

  1. Marriage and family responsibilities

The work of a man is to sire children and offer monetary assistance but the heavy duties of taking care of children rest on women. Since nearly all the energy is directed towards taking care of children, it’s difficult for women to compete with men in regard to wealth.

  1. Misplaced priorities

Men mostly talk about deals, opportunities and wealth creation while women concentrate on gossiping. Psychology states that what your mind thinks of is what you become; since men talk about wealth creation, becoming wealthy is not a big issue, but when women’s mind is dominated by gossip, you can’t expect them to create wealth