Things You Should Not Do in Kenya When Visiting the Country for The First Time


When visiting Kenya for the first time there are things you should not do. If you are white, ensure you follow what you read here, otherwise you’ll find yourself in trouble.

  1. Don’t ask for direction from strangers, ask from watchmen or police

In case you are lost, do not ask anybody for directions, make sure you look for a police officer, watchman or somebody selling in a Kiosk to show you direction.

The worst place to ask for direction from a stranger is Nairobi where thieves roam freely, you might be robbed.

  1. Don’t receive a call while in a matatu (public transport vehicle)

The worst mistake to make is to receive a call while the matatu windows are open. If you do so, you won’t notice when your phone was snatched.

  1. Don’t smoke or carry bhang in public

Bhang is illegal in Kenya, if you must smoke do so in private and if you intend to carry know that once arrested you’ll be jailed.

  1. Don’t greet strangers with your own hands

Mugging and dragging is rampant in Nairobi, people will come to you with greetings and if you greet them with your hands, you’ll find yourself in hospital the following day while having nothing to call yours. Greet people you know, not any stranger.

  1. Don’t walk in dark streets alone at night

If you find yourself in a dark street, call for help from a police officer or watchmen, they will escort you. Don’t assume that everybody is good, you’ll be robbed.

  1. Don’t enter into a deal with Kenyans without involving lawyers and banks

Any transaction made in Kenya should be done through the bank or MPESA.Kenyans are a clever lot, if you trust them too much, you’ll be in for a rude shock.

  1. Do what traffic police tell you

If you’ll be driving, ensure you cooperate with traffic police, don’t pretend to be so civilized and fail to cooperate. You will take them to court but they will eventually win and leave you hurt.

  1. Whenever you see thieves beating someone, don’t rush to help

If you are in Nairobi and spot thieves robbing and beating a person, mind your own business, don’t rush to help, otherwise they might turn against you. Sometimes thieves pretend to be beating one of their own and when you join to help, they turn against you and rob you.