How to Generate 1XBET promo Code


If you are planning to join 1XBET,you need to generate a Promo code to enable you to withdraw your money or place a bet. How to generate the code is a puzzle to many.

How to get a promo code?

Visit 1XBET via this link, then Select a currency and campaign and click «Generate Promo Code». Several promo codes can be generated. If you want a personal promo code, please contact the Customer Support team.

Alternatively,click here to register on 1XBET website.

The benefits of using a promo code

  • A promo code can be used where it is impossible to place a referral link or an advert for goods/services (E.g. on Instagram, in videos, offline advertising, etc.)
  • When a customer uses a promo code, they receive a higher bonus and are therefore motivated to use it
  • Promo codes do not expire. A referred customer can pass their promo codes to others and the more customers you attract, the higher your income.

Make sure you save the Promo code you receive when signing up at 1XBET, you will be asked to produce it later when you want to withdraw funds. But the good news is that you can withdraw money from 1XBET via SMS, you don’t have to login to the website to do so.To withdraw via SMS,write the following:


Then send the message to 29021