Why your Blog Traffic for This month has Dropped


Have you noticed a sharp drop in traffic to your blog over the last few weeks? Well, Google made major changes in their algorithm which affected millions of websites across the world. The Algorithm was updated in March 2019 and another major update was done in June 2019.Some of the websites affected include, Dailymail, CCN etc. Dailymail reported over 50% decline in organic traffic while CCN reported over 90% decline in revenue following the new changes by Google.

The most affected sites were those with click baiting content, those without original content, entertainment sites and cryptocurrency news sites. The big gainers were sites like thesun.co.uk and informational websites. The changes impacted negatively on a number of news websites. Even if a website is classified as authority site, if it has a couple of fake stories and click baiting content, it is hard hit by the Algorithm.

Google announced that only a single article from one website will show on the first page. If a website has more than 3 articles concerning a specific keyword, there are slim chances more than one of those articles will show on the first page. Another important update is that if your site lacks original content, its articles may fail to be indexed. For example, there are websites which post articles about courses offered at specific universities. The articles usually bear the same content and wording. For your article to appear on page one and rank better than articles from other sites, it must have additional useful information.

Going forward most bloggers will give up on blogging, the only people who will remain in this game are passionate bloggers. Blogging in future does not need jokers. Gone are days when you posted anything and it appeared on the first page of Google.Nowadays, if Google detects that your story is fake, it will not index it, click baiting stories will also affect your blog.

To ensure your blog traffic bounces back, try to create high quality content, verify information before posting and always write exhaustively.