Kayole Man,Omosh, Loses Wife to His Friend after He Lost a Bet for Egypt


A man in Kayole is in tears after he lost a wife to his friend. Omosh, who is a football fanatic, was taking a drink with his wife and a friend when he jokingly proposed that they place a bet. Omosh’s friend said South Africa will either win or draw but Omosh insisted that he is 100% sure Egypt would win. When the debate reached boiling point, Omosh’s friend offered Ksh 20,000 if Egypt wins, since Omosh was sure the hosts won’t lose, he offered to donate his wife for a night to his friend, the wife who was present also accepted.

The game started, mosh was all smiles as Egypt attacked and attacked until South Africa started managing them. All this time Omosh was cheering the hosts and jeering South Africa. The first half was over and no goal was witnessed. Omosh’s smile started fading as second half started and none of the teams scored. When 70th minute reached, he started visiting the toilet regularly as he cursed, mosh was seen wiping sweat as he wore a crying face.

At exactly 5 minutes to the end of the game, the earth almost sank when South Africa scored and celebrated. Omosh rose from his chair and disappeared while mourning, his wife was left with the friend.