Alimwambia huku akilia,“Baba Mike,Mbona Uingizi yote—Wacha Kuni,Wacha kuni,Ouch”


Mimi nimekaa maisha yangu yote sijawahilia lakini juzi machozi ilianguka sana sababu mke wangu alinitendea kitendo.I work as a bank teller and most of the time I am busy. My wife owns a MPESA shop which I opened for her.

Over the past 6 months we have been living in peace, I know my wife won’t cheat on me. But last month I witnessed something I have never imagined could happen in my life. As usual I woke up and went to work. I started work at exactly 8 am but after about 30 minutes of working, I started nose bleeding. The condition worsened when I started feeling cold and restlessness. I went to the manager and asked for permission to go to hospital.

The manager told our driver to drop in in the hospital. At the hospital I was told it was malaria. The doctors gave me an injection and told me to go and relax. Our driver drove me home.

I found my wife was missing, I went straight to my children’s room and slept, our bedroom was closed. After about 30 minutes, I head our door being opened, a man and a woman entered. I just kept quiet and listened to what they were saying.

Nilisikia mwanaume akiambia bibi yangu,”Josephine,leo hauna kitu ya kukula”,nay eye akajibu,”wewe nawe umezidi,si ufanye chenye kilikuleta hapa”.

Kidogo kidogo, I heard the door to my bedroom being opened. This time my heart started beating faster as I guessed something bad was about to happen.I made myself comfortable as I listened to what they were about to do.

After few seconds, the door to my bedroom was closed. I heard the man saying,”leo kutachimbika,najiskia niko fyamu”.Kidogo to ndio bibi akalia,” Baba Mike,Mbona Uingizi yote—Wacha Kuni,Wacha kuni,Ouch”,Kusikia hivo nilisikia roho inauma,nilipiga nduru huku nikikimbia kwa bedroom.What I saw will forever remain in my mind.My wife was there entertaining a boda boda man.

The moment they saw me, the man told me, “just come,I am here”.He was a well-built man I always see in our market. I tried to wrestle me but he overpowered me and beat me until I was unable to move. They disappeared and left me there.

After few minutes, I called my neighbor who came and rescued me.

I was admitted into hospital and all that time I was there, my wife didn’t visit me.I called my sister who had come to live with us whether she had seen my wife ,she told me Josephine came and packed her clothes and disappeared.

I was discharged from hospital last week Tuesday, my wife wasn’t around.When I visited her Kiosk I was told she relocated.

Since I didn’t want to lose everything, I decided to seek for a quick solution.My neighour had experienced almost a similar case,I went for her advice. That’s when she gave me the following contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I explained to Dr Mugwenu,the owner of +254740637248,about my problems. I wanted my wife back even if it meant spending all the money for the solution.I had paid school fees for her, spent Ksh200,000 to open a business for her only for a boda boda man to elope with her.

Dr Mugwenu told me to take the sheets they had slept on,I did exactly that.

On Sunday this week, my wife called me for the first time saying they are suffering. The man is not rising up,his private parts were swollen. She is also bleeding too much.I told them I am the cause.The boda boda man wrote a message apologizing while calling for help.

At exactly 11 am,I got MPESA message,Ksh 60,000 from Mike. Another message came telling me to help them.

Since I am sympathetic enough, I told my wife to return everything I bought for her, including the money I used to open the MPESA.

I am now at peace.

If you suspect your man or wife is cheating, call +254740637248,you’ll live in peace.