Shocking Testimonies of Jobless Actuarial Science graduates in Kenya


Even if you score first class, A plain and all the best grades everyone would desire to have, you won’t be assured of a job in Kenya as an Actuarial Science graduate. Several Actuarial Science graduates have come out to explain their pain and harsh times after finding it hard to secure employment.

Kevin Ochieng is one of the many Actuarial Science graduates who are jobless and hapless. Kevin scored A plain from Maranda, joined the University of Nairobi for a degree in Actuarial Science and graduated with a first class in Actuarial Science. His hopes disappeared as fast as his dream after making thousands of applications without anything worthwhile forthcoming. He is among bright graduates staring at a blurred future even after doing everything right in life.

Highlighting of Kevin’s story opened a Pandora’s box where several graduates came out to narrate their sad stories. Here are some of the stories;