This Kenyan Girl, Ray Ras,Wrote a Suicide Note,Here is What Happened Next


A Kenyan girl by the name Ray Ras may sleep in the cells for trying to commit suicide.The beautiful Kenyan girl bid Kenyans bye after she wrote a long suicide note, but it was later discovered that she faked suicide so as to get her boyfriend back. Here is the suicide note:

“Fare thee well my Loves
I Just need to Die & Be burried so many feet under.
I know I have always been a Strong girl, but my Strength has dried up completely.
Ive battled with suicidal thoughts & my Spirit has completely resigned to fate!!
I could have carried on… I could have Fought harder…but I have Fought to my Last breath.
God will somehow understand…I know He will.
I ask to bid you all farewell, you have been my source of Strength, you have been my source of Inspiration, you have been supportive of me… I cant say much…
I will leave a Detailed Explanation….I love you all good people…thanks for being patient with me when its all I needed. My life has come to an end…it ended from the inside but physically I was still trying to fight…
I should have known that one doesnt even have to be considerate of anybody’s pain…struggles…suffering…It only get served back in large portions and I did my best to be human…I know even in the Grave God will reward me for every small good and Forgive me where I failed … I pray… I pray…I know alot will be said if it already hasnt been said.. And it is okay, it will be okay…I will explain but I will be gone. Pray for my faint heart & spirit. I did everything I could. Wishing y’all nothing but LOVE….EVERLASTING LOVE…I am not in my mind anymore…im just a piece of used ítem, I dont know when I last felt human… i have Fought, not just my own battles…i have carried others’ burdens & made them my own… i have cried on behalf of others’ pain… I have sacrificed all my life for others’ wellbeing, I have done away with very many toxic people for others’ justice… I dont know what I havent done, but God knows best. He knows the state of my heart…those I can explain in details and those I cant…God knows I did my best…may He Judge me accordingly, I just need to REST & REST FOR GOOD 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 I have cried till I cant cry no more…And I beg to leave in Peace 🙏🏽 … i will explain…. But nobody will Understand… Been asking myself so many questions, battling with God night & Day…Im Completely Drained…Hope the Answers I could Never Find in this Life I could hopefully find them the other side & find Eternal Rest…. Im weak… I am exhausted… Alot has been said to me…I have taken it all in without a single trace of Strength…but I have…and I have left it all at the Feet of Christ…The only one who understands even that which I cant put in words ….I am sorry if I will hurt anyone by my actions henceforth, but this is the only time I get to come first…the only decisión where I get to come first …. Pray for my Soul…I cant sina nguvu hata kidogo…I have Prayed & asked God Questions, endless Questions…Hope I’ll find answers some Day”

Even after Kenyans sympathized with her and promised to attend her funeral, Ray went to sleep soundly and she was today spotted sipping porridge as her boyfriend guards her tight.