List of Estates Near Mombasa Road


If you have secured a job in a company located along Mombasa Road, you have to look for an estate near the highway. There are more than 10 estates you can get a cheap house in, there are also those estates which you can’t afford it’s rent.

When you work along Mombasa Road, there is no need of living in Westland, Rongai or Thika Road, the best estates to live in are:

  1. South B Estate

South B is one of the best middle class estates in Nairobi. It’s located few metres from Mombasa Road.Here, one two bedroom houses are dominant. South B is ideal for individuals earn ing Ksh 80,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month.A one bedroom house costs Ksh 15,000 to Ksh25,000 while two bedroom costs Ksh 18,000 to Ksh 40,000

  1. South C Estate

South C is 5 minutes’ drive to Nairobi CBD.Regardless of where you work along Mombasa Road, the estate is quite convenient.

The pricing of rental houses is similar to South B Estate, the two estates are directly opposite to each other.

  1. Imara Daima

Imara Daima is the best estate to live in if your monthly income is Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 150,000. There are new and old apartments within the estate. The average cost of one bedroom is Ksh 15,000 while two bedrooms cost Ksh 18,000 to Ksh 30,000

Most people living at Imara Daima work at Sameer Park, GM, Standard Group, Airtel,Ole Sereni and other companies along Mombasa Road.

  1. Mkuru Kwa Njenga,Mkuru Kwa Reuben

If your salary is below Ksh 20,000, the best estates to live are Mkuru Kwa Njenga and Mkuru Kwa Reuben, these estates have single rooms going for Ksh1,500 to Ksh4,000 per month.But the major problems here are drainage and lack of water.

  1. Pipeline/Embakasi

Pipeline/Embakasi is one of the estates in Nairobi with the highest number of occupants. It’s estimated that over 150,000 people live in this estate. The major reason why they prefer this estate over others is because there is plenty of water and houses are decent and cheap. Majority of the houses at Pipeline are bedsitters and one bedroom. The average price of a bedsitter is Ksh 6,500 while one bedroom goes for Ksh10,000 to Ksh15,000. Two bedroom houses are rare because the demand is low.

  1. Nairobi West

Nairobi West is located just next to Nyayo National Stadium. It’s the most ideal estate to live in when one of you is working in Nairobi CBD and another one along Mombasa Road.But due to proximity to CBD,the houses are expensive. It’s hard to find a vacant one-bedroom house costing less than Ksh 25,000.

  1. Mlolongo

Mlolongo is another estate where most of the people who work near Athi River, Kitengela, Sameer, GM and MRM live. The houses are cheap with plenty of water. If you need one-bedroom house at Mlolongo, you’ll pay Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 15,000 per month.

  1. Tassia

Tassia is located next to Pipeline and it’s one estate where majority of people working aalong Mombasa Road, Industrial area and Jogoo road live.If one of you works along Jogoo Road and another one Mombasa Road,Tassia is the best estate to live in.

  1. Nyayo Estate

Nyayo Estate is for the who is who in Eastlands.The estate is clean with plenty of water, the houses are also decent but costly. If you want a one-bedroom house, you must be prepared to pay at least Ksh20,000. Most of the houses at Nyayo Estate are one and two bedrooms.

  1. Utawala

Utawala is one of the fastest growing estates in Nairobi.Though it’s quite a distance from Mombasa Road,it’s ideal for anyone working along Mombasa Road.Most of the houses at Utawala are new and clean,they are also cheap.You can easily get a one bedroom house at Ksh 8,000.