“I Will Spend Ksh 200 Million, Hammer, Jaguar, V8 and 10 Mercedes to Campaign for Kibra Parliament Seat”,Mariga


Kibra Parliamentary aspirant has vowed to spend over Ksh 200 million to campaign for Kibra parliamentary seat. The footballer was overheard bragging yesterday while addressing his handful friends.

One of the friends who attended the meeting overheard Mariga say,

“I have 16 cars in total and I will use all of them to campaign, people will know me”. He added that someone at IEBC had told him not to worry because his name will be cleared.

The race has attracted over 10 aspirants but the frontrunner is Imra of ODM.It will be extremely hard for Mariga to capture the seat considering he has never voted and he isn’t in touch with the people of Kibra.All he will do is spend his money and emerge third, or even fourth.