Values to adopt in life that will help you live longer and become more successful


Here are 23 values that will make you live longer and more successful:

  1. Don’t fear to say NO
  2. Respect your mother regardless of how successful you are
  3. Avoid showing every friend where you live, some of them will be used to finish you
  4. Always serve yourself during parties or when you visit your neighbor, otherwise don’t eat
  5. Never open your door at night when somebody calls from outside even if it’s your most trusted friend. Ensure you alert one of your neighours or relatives about the person calling you outside.
  6. When you find your partner cheating, don’t cheat back. Revenge may come with serious consequences and in most occasions, the victim suffers the most.
  7. Avoid sleeping with clients, you’ll lose business
  8. Keep time
  9. Always understand when someone is using you and avoid them as soon as possible, friendship should benefit both.
  10. The fewer friends you have the better
  11. Always seek a second opinion, pick the best
  12. Never underestimate your opponent or competitor, always treat them with seriousness.
  13. Avoid business partnerships, strive to have 100% control of your business
  14. Never trust anyone
  15. When your income increases, reduce the number of your friends, especially women
  16. Your phone must have these contacts: Ambulance,police,parent/relative.
  17. You must memorize contacts of at least one most important people in your family.
  18. Never accept a lift from strangers even if they look genuine
  19. Ignore gossipers, they are losers who have failed to catch up with you
  20. Run your own race, celebrate winners and always ensure your efforts today are more than yesterday
  21. Never forget to say thank you to your body, eat well,have enough sleep,laugh and love
  22. Never live in the past, what matters most is your present and future