Estates where Most Kisiis Live in Nairobi


Nairobi has the most number of Kenyans from Western Kenya especially Kisiis, but if you want to know where most Kisiis live, there are particular estates where you’ll find them. Kisiis in Nairobi are average, rich ones live in Kisii.You expect to find majority of them in slums or low income estates, which we are going to list.

One reason why Kisiis prefer such estates is because they are small entrepreneurs who look for the most populous areas to sell their products. Kisiis also prefer to live where their fellow Kisiis live:One Kisii will buy land in a certain estate, then call his entire clan to come and live there,at the end of the day the estate will be dominated by Kisiis.

Based on research conducted last month, here are estates dominated by Kisiis in Nairobi

  1. Kawangware
  2. Embakasi
  3. Rongai
  4. Kayole
  5. Kangemi
  6. Huruma
  7. Umoja

Embakasi carries almost 50,000 Kisiis while Kawangare is like Keroka,in every 5 people you meet, at least 2 are Kisiis.Githurai is one of the most populous estates with few Kisiis .