Best 10 Online Tutoring Sites for Students


Online tutoring services should be helpful for the on the go study-oriented help for students. But some facets of these services should be judged before investing in one. Always search for qualified experts. The availability of digital tools should be there always. Otherwise, the service might turn out to be quite unworthy after a few days. And the last but not the least, the cost should be as per the budget estimated. So, this discussion will help to get the most appropriate option.


There are almost hundreds of well-trained teachers to help online. Teachers for every grade level and every subject are available in a single click in Skooli. Customized feedback is taken after class for further improvement. Pricing is pretty cheap, $0.82 per minute. A minimum of 15 minutes of tutoring is mandatory. Sessions can also be recorded for further checking.


All the mentors of the eTutorWorld are qualified. They are trained as per the curriculums of the state. This site offers k-12 online tutoring. It also includes test preparation with customized teaching. Lesson plans are always planned as per the abilities of the student. Interests and orientation of students are rechecked by the mentors before designing a pedagogical lesson plan. It costs from $21 to $49 per session.

They offer to get the articles written and published by their Ph.D. holder tutors to their subscribers. They have a monthly charge which runs from $39.99 to $114.99. They also charge per minute based tutoring. It is $0.75 per minute. has sufficient quality teachers to assist students in online 24/7. They have some certain packages for SAT/Cat exam. Their Homework Help section is meant for customized and individual tutoring sessions.

You can get the details of these tutoring websites from various trusted websites on the internet. Follow all the details of pricing, types of subjects taught, quality of teachers of the preferred websites for getting the best tutoring assistance online. If one requires great quality teachers, search for Ph.D. holder instructors. If one needs to get assistance at any time, it is better to have a subscription to the sites, which offer round-the-clock support. Online tutoring sites, which offer archive for future help of past lessons, are great for revision classes.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors offer a free trial of 30 minutes. They have different charges for chat and video calls. For chat, it is $6.95 per lesson or $14.95 per month. For video calls, it is $30 per month. They have a superior quality of faculty to engage students in regular educational activities. They also get confirmation from parents before receiving full payment. All trained teachers are experienced, and they all have degrees from a four-year university.


TutorMe ensures the quality of teaching from a wide range of trained trainers. They have mentors for 300 subjects to choose from. They offer 24/7 connectivity online after subscribing with them. Their charges are quite flexible as per one’s need. These are $1 per minute, one hour monthly for $ 39 a month, two hours monthly for $69 and four hours monthly for $119. They offer an archive section to all the students for going through in formats like audio, video or screen-share.


Most of the Smarthinking tutors are Ph.D. holders in their disciplines. They have more than nine years of experience in conducting a successful teaching-learning process. Smarthinking offers 24/7 tutoring service online with ample choice of instructors. Many schools also purchase an access agreement of Smarthinking for library purposes. Smarthinking charges $35 for an hour and $125 for four hours which is valid for four months.

Club Z

It also offers 24/7 online tutoring services for more than 300 subjects. The first hour of the demonstration is free for subscribers. If the student feels satisfied and contented, they disclose the pricing. Pricing depends on the teacher’s charge. They offer a wide range of tutors from pre-K to degree level of students. They declare 98per cent of satisfaction rate of the students after being with Club Z.

Revolution Prep

They charge $5 per minute or $15 for 30 minutes. The monthly subscription ranges from $7.49 to $12.99. They help in the homework of students at different levels. They have a positive reputation on SAT/CAT exam also. One-on-one service is available for customized instructions. All teachers are well-trained, and they have prior experience as well.

SelectMy Tutor

SelectMy tutor is a great platform for learning at home. It abridges the home tutors and students who want to have a guide online. They offer language tutors for German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and Greek languages. They also have an ample connection with popular subject tutors like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, history, accounting, English, psychology, economics, and so on. Parents can also search for tutors for children in this tutoring site. The price range varies with the selection of tutors.

Final note

It is important to verify from some trusted web-links to get details of the best online tutoring sites for students. Some of such websites are Edu Reviewer,, and These sites provide a clear image of the various sites for getting the best help from online tutors.