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How to Withdraw Money from Mozzartbet via SMS


You are allowed to withdraw money from Mozzartbet via SMS.There are few steps to follow:

To withdraw via SMS or at the Shop

Step 1

Ensure that your Safaricom line is credited with Ksh10 and above. Normal Safaricom rates are charged when you withdraw from Mozzartbet

Step 2

Draft this message : R#500#5858  and send to  29990 (Where R is the command to withdraw,  500 is the amount to be withdrawn and 5858 is you pin code).

For instance, If I want to withdraw Ksh 1,000, this is the message I will draft and send to 29990


R=withdraw command

500=The amount to withdraw

5858=personal Mozzartbet password

Mozzartbet will send a message to you that your withdrawal request has been successful.You will then wait for 2 to 15 minutes for an MPESA message from Safaricom.

The maximum amount to withdraw per transaction is Ksh70,000.