Trending Photo of Nairobi Pipeline, The Dirtiest Estate in Nairobi

Pipeline Estate Nairobi


If you think Kibera is the dirtiest estate in Nairobi, make a tour to Pipeline, you’ll be shocked. A photo has emerged of one of the streets of Pipeline, the photo was taken during rainy season. If a person in the village gets a chance to see this photo, he won’t have the urge to visit Nairobi.

Pipeline has a population of more than 150,000, it’s one of the most populous estate in Nairobi. The streets within the estate are not only dirty but not maintained as streets in other estates. Even the area MP has never set foot in some of the streets out of shame. The County of Nairobi don’t even care about the well being of the people living there.

Though most parts of Nairobi have well carpeted estates, Pipeline is completely neglected. Here is the latest photo of one of the city’s estates:

Pipeline Nairobi