How to Play Lotto Kenya Via SMS


You can either play Lotto Kenya online or via SMS.To play via SMS, follow these simple steps:

To receive a ticket with lucky numbers:

  1. Send WEB to 79007
  2. (*Note: If you do not have funds in your account, you must send at least KSh 50 to PayBill 777000, Account Number: WEB to complete your purchase).Make sure your account has more than Ksh50
  3. After sending the word WEB to 79007 you will receive your ticket with lucky numbers
  4. Pick the correct numbers
  5. Send WEB + your numbers to 79007
  6. example: WEB 23*19*6*3*31*44*0
  7. You will receive a confirmation message from Lotto that your bet has been received.

To get accurate predictions for Lotto,pay Ksh 1,000 to MPESA till number 705909