How is Betika jackpot bonus awarded


Everyone wants to know how Betika jackpot bonuses are awarded. Well,the bonuses are awarded based on the number of winners and the total amount collected from players. If the number of winners is high, the bonuses must be low and vice versa.In addition,the bonuses are subjected to 20% tax on winnings.

Below we compared bonuses for 17 games Betika jackpot.

The first week, these were the bonuses paid to winners:

15/17: 363,221
14/17: 40,103
13/17: 7,326
12/17: 1,765

In another week, the bonuses were paid as follows;

14/17: 151,243

13/17: 20,761

12/17: 5,426

You will notice that the bonuses for the second week were higher than those paid in first week. One reason for this is that in the first week, nobody got more than 14 games correct while in the second week, someone got 15/17 correct predictions. One thing you should understand is that if someone gets 17/17 correct predictions, those getting 16,15,14,13 and 12 games correct will get low bonuses.

Betika also looks at the total amount collected from all players. They can’t pay what they don’t receive. When the bonuses are high, it means the amount collected was also high.

The net bonuses paid to winners are subjected to 20% tax on winnings. Assuming one earns Ksh100 million, the total tax will be Ksh20 million, meaning that the winner will take home Ksh80 million.

Here is a brief explanation from Betika on how the bonuses are calculated:

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