How to get value for money with sponsored Posts


Sponsored posts are the best way to advertise your products online. Getting value for your money is the best thing for advertisers. Before you pay for sponsored posts, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Organic traffic
  • Whether the website is SEO optimized
  • How long the article will stay in the blog
  • Whether the blog accepts do follow links
  • Cost of sponsored article
  • Domain authority
  • Geographical regions the blog draws traffic from
  • How long the article stays in the home page
  • Niche

If your blog is new, you don’t necessarily have to make money out of the sponsored article, your aim is to get back links, which in turn will help your blog attain some online authority. Even as you select the websites to promote your article with, please ensure you pick the most authoritative websites. Always use SEO tools like Alexa to check the ranking of the websites you intend to promote your articles with. Never promote your articles on websites that rank below you in the search engines.

Duplication of content

I wanted to address this today. Before 2019 Google could accept similar content to be posted in several websites and still rank all the articles based on the domain authority of each website but in May 2019 Google changed its algorithm that prohibits duplication of content.

If you must post in more than one website, ensure that the article you post in one article is not similar to one in another article. If possible, change the heading and wording as you maintain the message.

When you make a mistake to distribute one article among several websites, Google will only index one article from the domain with the highest authority and fail to index for other blogs. This means that you will not get value for the money.


Always target a niche relevant to what you intend to promote online. If you are posting something about phones, look for sites with content related to that niche. It doesn’t make sense to post gambling content on entertainment niche—you’ll never get value for your money.

Do follow link

Some websites do not allow do follow link, which is not good in relation to sponsored articles. When you are contacting a blog for sponsored content, ensure you ask whether they accept do-follow links. If they reject do-follow links, don’t post your articles on that website.

Do-follow links are useful because Google crawlers will rank the article based on the link. You are also able to know how the article is performing through Google Analytics.

Home page

The sponsored post must appear at the home page for at least 24 hours. This way, every reader who visits the website will be able to read the post; indexing will also be faster.

The article should not be deleted

Since you have paid for the article, the website owner should not delete it no matter what. It’s good that you sign agreement such that if one goes against the agreement, a legal action can be taken. In addition, make sure you check whether the article is available from time to time and if possible, it should be edited every year.

Time of posting

The time of posting also matter when it comes to sponsored articles. For betting niche, posting when the month is ending is the best time because gambler have money in the pocket to browse and register for your services. The best dates to post in this niche are 25 to 10.

Nearly every niche require that you post during end month or beginning of the month. The worst dates to post are 15-25


The cost should be based on domain authority, niche and the amount of traffic a website draws. Always do your calculations before paying for sponsored articles. The best price is always between $50 and $500, anything above that should not be encouraged. The only blog you can pay $500 is one that is an authority in that industry and draws over 2 million page views per month.

The most interesting thing about sponsored posts is that some may not bring returns immediately.

It’s also important to ask for Google Analytics. However, some bloggers manipulate the figures. To avoid being duped, pick some of the blog’s articles and search how their rank online against their competitors.

Page one

When indexing is done, authority blogs will have their articles on page one. As you search for the right blogs to advertise on, make sure their articles rank on page one.You will know that your article will be placed on page one of search engines by checking how their archived articles are ranked.

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