G4S Salaries in Kenya


G4S is one of the best paying companies in Kenya. The salaries paid to its workers vary depending on job group. The lowest paid employees are casual workers who earn Ksh 8,000 to Ksh 12,000. Security officers, who are the majority earn average of Ksh20,000.

The company employs graduate trainees who are later employed as specialists and junior managers. During training, they are paid Ksh 25,000 to Ksh35,000 but after training, their starting salary is Ksh45,000.

Assistant Managers at G4S earn Ksh 60,000 to Ksh 120,000 while managers earn between Ksh 150,000 and Ksh250,000. Accountants, analysts and other specialists earn an average salary of Ksh70,000.

Apart from the regular salaries, G4S employees are provided with health cover.

When you compare G4S and other security companies, G4S is ahead of them in terms of salaries and working conditions.