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How to Register for Community Based Organization(CBO) in Kenya


Community Based Organization(CBO) works with various communities in Kenya. It’s like any other NGO which needs to be registered. The process of registering for this organization is simple. First, you need a capital of Ksh 10,000 to Ksh30,000 to pay for license fee. You also need to have a list of members for that organization and specific community to work with. Don’t also forget to outline the activities you intend to do within the community.

For a community-based organization (CBO) to be registered in Kenya through the Department of Gender and Social Services, a registration form must be duly filled and signed by; the chief of the location where the CBO operates or the Assistant chief of the sub location where the CBO operates, The department of Gender and Social Services and Division social development committee.

You can obtain the form for CBO registration from this website http://www.psyg.go.ke/

The requirements for registration of a Community based organization (CBO) are as follows:

  1. Minutes of the meeting seeking registration and showing elected officials.
  2. List of members duly signed with name, position, id number and signatures.
  4. Amalgamation-memorandum of understanding where applicable.
  5. Registration fee.

Once the form is signed and presented to the Ministry of Public Service and Gender,you’ll wait for about two weeks to receive a feedback.

After you have registered your organization,you need to seek funds from Donors and the government.The government has departments which cater for special groups like the youths and women.





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