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Total Number of Coronavirus cases rise to 25 in Kenya


Coronavirus cases in Kenya have risen to 25 after 9 more cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours. According to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, majority of those cases are from Kenyan.

As of yesterday,23/3/2020 the total number of coronavirus cases were 19. Additional number was obtained from police officers who had interacted with Kilifi Deputy Governor, Siaya Priest Oduor and other Kenyans who contracted the virus last week.

The number of corona virus victims has risen exponentially and it’s following a pattern that was witnessed in Italy,China,Spain,USA,UK and other countries ravaged by the pandemic. If this trend continues in the next one week, the number would rise to more than 1,000.

The positive thing is that nobody has died from Coronavirus in Kenya. However, none of the positively identified cases has fully recovered.

We project that by Friday this week,the number of coronavirus cases in Kenya would have risen to 100.



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