News About Coronavirus in Kenya Today


Latest news from Kenya about coronavirus indicates that 8 more people tested positive for the virus, pushing the number to 50.In summary, here is what Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and the staff associated with coronavirus issues said today:

☑️ Ministry of Health has embarked on mass testing of the 2050 people currently on mandatory quarantine in designated facilities. The tests are being administered depending on one’s arrival date, with focus on those on their 8th day in quarantine.

☑️ By today 172 samples had been tested and 84 samples analyzed. From this, MoH has received confirmation of one person who has tested positive for the virus.

☑️ MoH has also tested an additional 88 close contacts of those infected. From this, there has been a confirmation of 6 patients and an additional 1 patient from Aga Khan Hospital

☑️ The confirmation of the above 8 cases today brings the number of confirmed corona cases in Kenya to 50

☑️ The 8 cases are spread out in 3 counties; Kitui 1, Nairobi 6 cases, Mombasa 1. Nairobi is leading with the total number of cases at 34

☑️ The virus is now spreading through community transmission. The disease is no longer being imported from outside but it is already here and spreading among ourselves

☑️ The reality of community spread means we have to increase social distancing measures. In light of this, there is need to protect boda boda riders and passengers who will now be required to wear masks for protection. Government is in the process of distributing these masks to the counties

☑️ Employers are required to release employees by 4pm so that they make it home by 7pm. The government has also issued an advisory to those who stay in Nairobi not to travel upcountry to avoid infecting the the elderly. Kenyans living upcountry are urged not to come to Nairobi

☑️ As indicated earlier, cargo flights are allowed to come into the country. This is to cushion the economy by ensuring supply of imported commodities which include medical supplies. Flights are also landing to evacuate citizens of other countries.

☑️ The National Government held a meeting with the Council of Governors earlier today and agreed on various measures that will be announced in a joint communique between the Ministry of Interior and the Council of Governors

☑️ Covid-19 is not following a particular trend. MoH is working with experts modeling the Kenyan pattern. For example if the country is at 50 now, where is it expected to be in the next 1 week? It is anticipating that Kenya will have least 10000 cases by the end of April in Kenya, though a lot will be dependent on our individual conduct. The most successful cases are from those countries where people agreed to wash their hands, maintain social distance and take matters seriously

☑️ Kenya still has a chance if and only if citizens follow instructions and not take it as if the government is trying to force these things on them. A lot is dependent on our conduct as a people.

☑️ As far as facilities are concerned, One unique advantage that Kenya has is the presence of many boarding schools that can take up to at least 300,000 people incase the cases overwhelm hospital capacity. Stadiums, fields and airport hangers are also available for that purpose if it becomes necessary