Cost of Interlocking Blocks in Kenya


Nowadays people use interlocking blocks to construct houses in Kenya because they reduce the cost of construction by more than 20%. The price ranges between Ksh 20 and Ksh65 for each interlocking block. But the major determinant of the cost is transport; if you are transporting within Nairobi, the cost will be low but for upcountry construction, one will spend more because of transport

Assuming you are building a three-bedroom house within Nairobi, this is the amount you will spend on interlocking blocks:

A three-bedroom house will take average of 4,000 blocks, which means that for Ksh25 per block, the total cost of blocks will be Ksh100,000.

The cost of each interlocking block within Nairobi and it’s environs will not exceed Ksh30.

You can also opt to purchase interlocking block machine from companies like Makiga.This will cut costs and help you to start the business of interlocking blocks.

For those buying ready-made interlocking blocks, I will recommend Panda Bricks and construction company because it’s one of the best when it comes to such blocks.

One advantage of interlocking blocks is that they can easily cut the costs by more than 20%.If the total budget was Ksh 2 million, it will reduce to Ksh1.6 million.