New Tricks Thieves are Using in Kenya During This Period of Coronavirus


At around 1 am early today 21st April, some 3 or 4 people went to a building in Ikoyi and called to the guard of the building saying they were from the hospital, because they had information that there was a corona patient in the building and they had come to take him. They repeatedly instructed the guard to open the Main Gate.

According to the guard’s description, two or three of them were wearing PPE, masks and gloves, and two in army uniform. They also wore masks and gloves.

Though the guard was a bit shaken, he made it clear to them that the landlord himself would have to tell him to open the gate.

If they really have to take a corona patient, they have to wait outside till the morning.

As the guard did not open the gate, they said they would come back later in the morning.

Surprisingly no one came in the morning to get the supposed corona patient, because there is really no corona patient in that house.

So it is clear that those who came to the house to take the corona patient were thieves!

The entire building was saved from an unpleasant incident due to the guard’s intelligence.

This is shared to let people know that thieves are now using the issue of evacuating a corona patient to gain entrance into buildings and rob people. Most likely there were other accomplices hiding and once the guard opens they will take over.

All landlords / flat owners should alert their doorman / guard of their house, of this new trend. They should not even go out to speak with any such ‘visitors’ but engage them at a safe distance. Kindly pass this on because you never know whose life you will be saving.