Is Hisense a Good TV To Buy in Kenya


I know most people are used to the common types of TVs— LG, Sony and Samsung, but have never tried Hisense. This is one of the several types of televisions being sold in Kenya and it’s related to Sony television. There are products you can ignore in the market which are actually as good as the most popular products, Hisense is one of them.

At first I couldn’t believe that Hisense is a fairly good television until one of my friends convinced me into buying one, it was in 2015.He took me to Luthuli Avenue where cheap TVs are being sold. That time I had broken my Sony 32 inch TV  while taking porridge and I desperately needed a new TV.At Luthuli Avenue I was told the new 32 inch Hisense TV is Ksh18,300,I bargained until they accepted Ksh 14,500.One of the staff members carried it to the stage, there is a stage at Luthuli Avenue .I really gambled to buy this TV.

When I arrived home, that time I was living in Imara Daima, I connected it and started watching that evening. Since 2015 I have been using the  same TV.What I like about it is that its pictures are of high quality, it’s also very durable.

Four of my relatives have also acquired the same television since then. Three of them bought from Jumia because the online shop delivered  to their homes, you can check Hisense prices at Jumia via this link

Hisense comes in different sizes ,but the most polar one is size 32 which costs Ksh12,000 to Ksh16,000 depending on where to buy it.Cheapest televisions can be purchased from Luthuli Avenue,Moi Avenue and online shops like Jumia.If you can’t visit Luthuli or Moi Avenue, then you can order one from Jumia,visit the company’s website here

While purchasing Hisense, compare its price with that of Sony to see which is cheaper. If you find that Hisense is cheaper, don’t go for Sony.Hisense has both digital and smart TVs, it’s upon you to choose the best. The only difference between Digital and Smart TV is that Smart TV can be connected to the internet, thus enabling you to watch videos from YouTube or browse. Smart TV is more expensive that the normal digital TV because of this one feature.