Willis Raburu Dumps his Wife for a Ugandan Woman


Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu has dumped his beautiful wife for a little known Ugandan woman. The news anchor did the act few days after the couple lost their child.

Sources claim that Raburu, who is full of life, was bitter with his wife after she commented that she doesn’t belief in God. His parents and relatives put pressure on Raburu to dump the wife.

In March, Raburu chased her away from his Langata rented house. Marya Prude had nowhere to go except to move to her friend in Kileleshwa.

Immediately his wife was out,Raburu invited his Ugandan friend who came and start cohabiting with the mkunaji—they are now living together.

Before he got married, Raburu had confessed that he has slept with countless women, he had lost count.