Important Things Job seekers Should Know During This Period of Coronavirus


If you are an active job seeker, there are several important things you should be aware of. This is the time to realize that the world is not in it’s perfect form, coronavirus has greatly affected economies of all the countries in the world.

Here are the important things to know

  • Don’t be too optimistic

Even as you search for employment, you should not be too optimistic. Less than 10% of the companies globally are recruiting. Drop your CV but don’t expect any positive response.

  • There are plenty of jobs for nurses and doctors

The demand for nurses and doctors has spiked to the highest degree globally. Right now, it’s only the health sector that’s recruiting.

If you pursued nursing, public health or medicine, you won’t be jobless.

Security jobs are also available because businesses have to be available.

  • Start a small business instead of looking for a job

At this time, it’s better to start small businesses, online business being the most ideal. Since the virus started, more and more people have started blogging, some have already earned their first $1000.You only need something like $100 to register a new domain, pay for hosting and design a website, you can register a new domain and pay for hosting here

When you’re a blogger, even if there’s a lockdown, you don’t have any problem with that—you’ll still continue making money.

  • There are almost zero chances of securing employment at this time

99% of the companies in the world are struggling. When companies aren’t generating profits, they don’t hire new staff. It’s worthless to search for employment at this time because you have zero chances of securing one.

  • 2021 is the best time to search for employment

It will take up to 2 years for the coronavirus to be completely eliminated from this world. The year 2020 is not for hiring or expecting anything positive.2021 is the best year to look for a job.

Even if the virus eliminated in 2020, it will take up to 1 year for companies to be where they were before the virus was discovered.