Easiest Way to Win a Luo Lady


If you want to win a Luo lady, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, they don’t even need real assets. Luo ladies behave exactly like Luo men; physical appearance is everything. If you have been eyeing a Luo lady and never succeeded, here is how to win her.

  • Dress well

Luo ladies like to hang out with men who are dressed well. Physical appearance is everything to them. If you don’t dress well, they will never accept your advances.

  • Drive a nice car

A Luo woman will fall over herself while chasing a man with a nice car. The good thing is that these ladies don’t have time to investigate whether the car is yours or not. As long as they regularly see you in a nice car, they won’t resist anything you tell them.

If you desperately need a Luo lady, perhaps you have spotted her in town, you can take a car from car hire for a certain period of time. Floss with the car as you give the lady a ride. She will enjoy and eventually give in.

  • Live in a nice, neat house

Buy nice chairs, live in a posh apartment. When the lady comes and finds that you’re very organized, she will start liking you. The second time she comes, she will be ready to be your wife. Luo women are easily impressed by small things like nice sofa sets.

  • Give her money to do shopping for you and for her

They also like pulling trolley in supermarkets. When you discover that, give her the responsibility of doing shipping, she’ll get excited.

  • Buy her nice wine and take her to Java

Almost every Luo lady takes alcohol, they love wine like nobody’s business. In addition, taking her to Java is like buying her a ticket to heaven. If you impress her with this, they won’t resist anything.

  • Take her out, make sure she listens to nice Luo music

You can’t separate a Luo woman and music. As if that’s not enough, she will also need to be taken out. In fact, you can take her out and tonight she sleeps in your house.