Between Nairobi Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital, which one is the best


Kenyatta National Hospital is a government owned hospital while Nairobi Hospital is a private owned facility. One would try to compare the two and determine the best.KNH is the best government referral hospital, any serious case is referred to the hospital. The Nairobi Hospital is the best private hospital in the country.

When you compare the two in terms of costs, Kenyatta National Hospital is the cheaper. While per day you’ll pay Ksh 500-Ksh1,500 at Kenyatta National Hospital, The Nairobi Hospital will charge you more than Ksh 10,000 per day.If you are not financially stable, it’s good that you go to Kenyatta National Hospital.

When it comes to chronic diseases like cancer, Kenyatta National Hospital is better because it has the best cancer screening facilities and that you will be referred to the best cancer hospitals in India. Though you won’t be attended promptly, it’s better you choose KNH over Nairobi Hospital because of costs. At Nairobi Hospital, you’ll be admitted for one month and the bill skyrocket to more than Ksh2 million.

In case of cases like accidents which need serious attention, Nairobi Hospital is better. Even if you don’t have money, please fundraise as soon as possible and take your loved one to Nairobi Hospital. At KNH, you can keep waiting for even three days without being attended to.

For maternity cases, go to Nairobi Hospital if you have a medical cover. You will pay up to Ksh 150,000 but you’ll deliver safely. Kenyatta is also safe but sometimes doctors are overwhelmed. If you don’t have a medical cover, KNH is ideal.

Nairobi Hospital is good enough but the best for the rich. If you aren’t ready to spend more than Ksh100,000 don’t go to Nairobi Hospital. In addition, if you are suffering from Diabetes or Cancer, which are diseases that can only be managed, it’s good that you go to Kenyatta National Hospital. For accidents, serious injuries and attempted suicide, go to Nairobi Hospital.

The Nairobi Hospital will give you excellent services but you have to pay alot of money for those services.If you have a medical cover of even Ksh2 million,they can take all the money.Kenyatta National Hospital is fair because it’s owned by the government.