Things you Should Not Do When Betting for Football Matches



When betting for football matches, there are certain things you should not do or you lose your hard earned cash. Gambling is only good for those betting not to get rich quickly but as a hobby. Of course you will become a millionaire in the process but winning isn’t 100% guaranteed. While betting, here are the things to avoid.

  • Betting continuously even when you are losing

There are days you wake up with good luck, somedays bad luck. A clever gambler would know when to exit the stage. If you bet and lose consecutively, please take a break and come back later. If you develop a thick skin and continue betting, you’ll eventually lose all your money.

  • Buying fixed matches

Fixed matches are rare nowadays, they even don’t exist. Nobody should cheat you that they have fixed matches. All the prediction sites have analyzed matches.

Even if someone is too convincing, don’t pay to get their matches. The only genuine person is one who tells you that they have analyzed matches.

  • Betting with all the money you have won

You may win $1000 and think that if you place a bet of all the money, you’ll earn. The worst mistake you’ll make is to bet with all the money you have won—you’ll lose everything. In case you win $1,000, keep some cash and bet with a proportion of the winnings. From my own experience, if you continue betting after winning, you’ll end up losing everything.

  • Don’t add an extra game when you have already come up with a multibet

At first you’ll come up with a multibet of 3 games but before you bet, you decide to add another game to increase the amount you’ll win. That last game will spoil your bet.

If you decide that it’s three games you are going to combine, don’t add an extra one even if you are sure it will go through.

  • Putting the same game in separate sets of tips

Things do happen on the pitch; you might think a certain team will win only to end up losing. It’s a taboo to put the same game in different sets of bets even if you are cock sure that the team will win. That one team you are sure of will spoil all the bets.

  • Betting for all the money you have

You can’t be sure of any game in football. The worst mistake is to bet for the money set aside for other purposes. For instance, if money is set aside for school fees, that money should not be touched.

Most people have committed suicide because of losing money which was meant for other purposes.

  • Betting with the money you are not ready to loose.

Always bet with the money you are ready to lose, don’t be overconfident. There are people who bet without plan, ending up being frustrated.