Watermelon farming Profits in Kenya


Watermelon is proving to be one of the most profitable fruits to farm in Kenya. The profits from one-acre piece of land can be as high as Ksh4 million per month.

About 10 years ago, most Kenyans were not enthusiastic about watermelon but because of its numerous health benefits and the fact that children love them so much, Kenyans started embracing them. In Nairobi alone, more than 1 million watermelons are sold every day.

As a farmer, instead of wasting time to plant maize and beans which are not profitable, it’s better to plant watermelon. In one acre, you will harvest about 10,000 watermelons within 6 months. The average cost of one watermelon is Ksh100, meaning that you will earn Ksh1 million from one acre in 6 months. You van harvest twice a year, bringing the total earnings to Ksh2 million per year. Subtract expenses of Ksh 100,000—you’ll earn a cool Ksh 1.9 million in one year.

The fruit require moderate rainfall in it is grown in these areas;

  1. Rift Valley
  2. Kisii
  3. Central Kenya
  4. Eastern Kenya
  5. Bungoma
  6. Kakamega
  7. Kitale
  8. Ngong
  9. Meru

When you plant maize in one acre, the total cost is Ksh 15,000 to Ksh25,000. You will harvest an average of 15 sacks. If you sell one sack for Ksh 4,000, the total amount you’ll earn in a year is Ksh 60,000. You can’t compare this profit from what you’ll earn from watermelon.

The market for watermelon is ready, most of them are sold in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. The price ranges between Ksh50 and Ksh300 per watermelon.

By the way, the reason I posted this is because I witnessed with my own eyes a friend earning Ksh 1.5 million last year from watermelon farming. He planted as a joke to test whether the fruit will grow and by good luck, his one acre generated more than 10,000 watermelons. He was forced to quit his chicken farming business for watermelon. He has also decided to plant avocado and pepper.

If by chance you have an idle land or you have been disappointed by other crops, try watermelon farming and come with a testimony later. I can assure you, the least you will earn per year is Ksh500,000.

In order to realize handsome returns from watermelon, you must plant in one acre and above. Economies of scale plays a significant role in relation to profits, the bigger the land the better.