Best Countries To Work as a Kenyan Nurse


If you want to work as a nurse abroad and you are a Kenyan, there are specific countries to seek employment and get satisfied with the job.

I was asked which are the best countries to work for as a Kenyan nurse;

I am not a nurse but did some small research and in my opinion these are the best countries to work for as a nurse trained in Kenya (when I talk of a Nurse I mean a male or female nurse registered with the nursing council of Kenya not Clinical officers, there is no Profession called Clinical officer in the countries where i did my small research).

Well, here is the list;


Namibia, you will earn between 180k to 220k.

Got two friends who work in Namibian and they are really enjoying. You may want to check with the Namibian Government on how to convert your credentials to Namibia.


Qatar and Kuwait. Even though the two are actually in the middle east if you can register as a nurse you will earn good money.

Kuwait has international minimum wages for workers and they pay so good not just for Nurses but for teachers!


New Zealand is a good place if you will pass the IELST exam of which in most cases you will not pass because these exams are a scam!

How can a Kenyan A, B or even a C student fail in an English test marked by teachers who are not even graduates yet the same students scored As during their KCSE or some scored A in their universities but still fail these Foreign English test which tells you the marking is always a scam! Don’t even bother sitting for these exams in attempt to register as a nurse you will fail! Instead, do the English test and get into university, study for two or three years, get into their system and come out as a nurse!

These countries have no interest in you registering as a nurse but wants your money! But since they cannot tell you on your face we don’t need you they make it hard for you to pass the English exam. Ask yourself how comes most of their exams are computerized but when it comes to IELST the test has to be marked by people? Of course they have to fail you and rip you off!

Rather than moving to Australia or New Zealand as a nurse, you can also migrate as a skilled labour.


UK is good but living expenses are high thus;

Ireland is the best place! Cheap and pay well but again you have to pass that scam IELST exam! But if you make it to Ireland wooooi if you make it there wacha tu!


The US would be the best place for you! The country is already wealthy they have no interest in eating your money through scam English exam, this is why they have a simplified English exam TOEFL, you cannot fail TOEFL. In the US ,you will have to sit for their Nursing Exam called NCLEX! It’s a hard exam, you must study hard to pass this exam but if you do job ziko nyingi kama manadazi!

Canada is a great place for nurses but their registration process is too long and will cost you lots of money! It may take you 3 to 4 years to register as a nurse! If you will make it cool. You will have to sit for a English exam either the scam IELST exam or another English exam for Nurses called CELBAN.

The process in US is straight forward and there are plenty if agents who can help you out! The US is in so much need of nurses and the registration is easy compared to that of Canada. Rather than moving to Canada as a nurse you can migrate as skilled worker.

I’m not really an authority in immigration matters to these countries but you can check the net and you will get agents to help you out, but be careful not to be conned! Ma papa ni wengi!

As I said i am not an authority in immigration matters, thus, do not make your final decision based on my not so much researched ideas!

Do your homework well before you choose where to go… above all pray that God leads you!

In all your getting get understanding