Jobs You Can Get with a KCSE Certificate in Kenya


There are over 100 jobs you can get in Kenya with just a KCSE certificate. Some of the available jobs pay more than Ksh100,000 but it’s hard to know they exist.

If you possess a form four certificate without college education,here are the jobs you can pursue in Kenya:

  • Supermarket attendant

It’s rare for supermarkets to ask for college certificates when recruiting attendants. The only thing required is a form four certificate which will show whether you can read or write and effectively communicate with customers.

Supermarket attendant jobs pay Ksh 10,000 to Ksh35,000 per month. Some of the leading supermarkets in Kenya include: Tuskys, Naivas, Carrefour and Mulley.

  • Waiters/Waitress

Another job you can comfortably do in Kenya with a KCSE certificate is being a waiter or waitress. The pressure may be high but opportunities are plenty. Waiters. Waitresses earn between Ksh 15,000 and Ksh60,000 depending on the type of employers they work for.

Security Officers

If you want to become a security officer with leading security firms like G4S, Wells Fargo and KK security, you only need a KCSE certificate. Most of those working in security firms are employed on permanent basis. The salary of security officers in leading firms range between Ksh12,000 and Ksh30,000 per month.

  • Police Officer

Being a police officer in Kenya does not require a fact, if you apply for employment with colourful papers, you’ll be rejected. A D plain is enough to grant you a ticket to the police force.

Police officers earn upwards of Ksh25,000 per month, they also collect money from other sources outside employment.

  • Bar attendant

If you want to work in a bar, the only thing needed is a good body and a smile. Nobody will ask you whether you possess a university course or not. Women are the most preferred in this job.

  • Shop attendant

To work as a shop attendant, a KCSE certificate is the basic and main requirement. Shop attendants must know some calculations. Nobody will ask for a degree to employ you.

  • Sales Executive

Selling products at any level does not necessarily require a degree or any advanced education. There are thousands of senior sales managers in Kenya who didn’t go past high school. As long as you can convince someone to buy a product, nothing more is required of you.

  • MCA

To become an MCA in Kenya, only a KCSE certificate is needed.The salary of an MCA range between Ksh400,000 and Ksh1 million per month.

Those are the decent jobs you can get with just a KCSE certificate.

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