Fare from Nairobi to Nakuru This Christmas


Fare from Nairobi to Nakuru has doubled to Ksh1,000 this Christmas.If you are lucky,you can pay Ksh800 but most matatu stages we visited are charging Ksh1,000.The sad part is that some matatus are charging up to Ksh1,500 per person because of the social distance within matatus.

We visited Prestige booking office and found out that they are charging Ksh 1,000 from Nairobi to Nakuru,but there are limited spaces .If you check in at 8 am,you’ll board the shuttle at around 12 am.The best thing to do is to visit the booking office as early as 5 am.

Mololine are available too but very expensive.You’ll pay up to Ksh1,500 from Nairobi to Nakuru.

My advise for you is to take a random matatu instead of going for the famous shuttles.There are plenty of vehicles along Taveta Road.

Normally,matatus plying Nairobi-Nakuru road charge Ksh400 to Ksh700 per head but due to the festive season,they have increased fare to over Ksh1,000.