Fare Price from Nairobi To Kisii This Christmas


This Christmas fare price from Nairobi to Kisii has increased to Ksh2,000, there are other vehicles charging Ksh 2,500 per person. Popular buses like Ena coach are charging Ksh1,500 per person.

If you are planning to travel to Kisii from Nairobi this Christmas, prepare to pay more than Ksh2,000. To make matters worse, vehicles are very few. Huge lines are witnessed in every stage and most people have given up on travelling.It can take you up to one day of serious searching before you get a matatu to take you to Kisii.

The worst time to travel to Kisii is over the festive season, you will never enjoy the journey.

If you don’t get a matatu to take you to Kisii,the best thing to do is to book a taxi. Look for 4 people who are travelling to Kisii and pool resources together, then hire a taxi, you’ll be charged Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 20,000 in total.

The normal fare from Nairobi to Kisii is Ksh 1,000.