Characteristics of Successful Gamblers of Football Matches


The most successful gamblers of football betting tips have unique characteristics which explain why they succeed in the game. Knowing very well that gambling is not a child’s game, they have to maintain certain qualities in order to become very successful.

I have observed and interacted with numerous gamblers and here are my findings:

  • They stick with a single betting site

Successful gamblers don’t use many betting sites, they identify one with regular bonuses, welcome bonus and other incentives that keep their customers. They also consider odds and how quick they pay. For instance,22Bet has become a popular site for many professional gamblers because it provides high odds, quick settlement of bets, no withdrawal fee and 100% welcome bonus. There is absolutely nothing fishy about the company. You can follow this link to learn more about the site

  • They are consistent

Professional gamblers understand that gambling is a game of winning and losing. These people never give up, they are very consistent. Even if someone places a bet today and it fails, he will still bet tomorrow.

In any profession, you won’t succeed without consistency—gambling is also the same.

  • They are never carried away with winnings

Newbies are always carried away with winnings. Someone will win Ksh 100,000 today, he goes to squander the money and come tomorrow without anything. A professional gambler knows that they have another day to place a bet and might lose, which is why they spend their winnings wisely.

  • They thoroughly do research before placing bets

Research is very important, it’s something which has helped many gamblers. Experienced gamblers know that anything can happen before a game is played. For instance, a team can decide to field team B because they have a major tournament ahead, something that might affect the result.

Failure to do research leads to massive losses.

  • They collaborate with other experienced gamblers

Here at Venas News, we have several experienced tipsters who collaborate with us. We exchange notes, interact and comfort each other whenever losses arise. By so doing, we relieve pressure and stress associated with betting. We also provide sure betting tips to them on regular basis.

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  • They always maintain their principles

There are specific principles you must have as a gambler if you don’t want to fail. For instance, if you have analyzed 5 games and prepared a slip, you don’t go ahead to add another game. That game you add can spoil the entire bet. Another principle is that they don’t spend more than what they are willing to lose.

  • They have other businesses to support their gambling activities

In gambling, you can lose all your money, which is why it’s advisable to have another side hustle to support your betting activities. No single professional gambler solely relies on gambling for survival because they know gambling is a game of chance.

  • They bet for jackpots

Gamblers also understand the importance of jackpots. A single win can make one an instant millionaire. These guys have identified jackpots with huge cash prizes which they bet for on weekly basis. If someone bets for a single jackpot consistently for years, they get fortunate a couple of times. The money won from jackpots is invested on other activities.