Why Kenyan women hate Light Skin Men


One Kenyan woman was asked who she can marry between dark skinned and light skinned men, she opined,”mimi hata nipewe million kumi siwezioa light skinned,hao in kama kupanda mahindi kando ya barabara”.That answer shocked the audience.

There are many reasons why Kenyan ladies aren’t interested in light skinned men, they include:

  • They have a collection of girlfriends

It’s impossible for a light skinned man to have one girlfriend only, most of them have up to 20 girlfriends. As a lady, you can’t tell how he has ranked you. The headache of being a statistic among many girlfriends is what many Kenyan women try to avoid by not dating light skinned me.

No woman likes to share a man with another woman.

  • They are selfish

These people (light skinned men) love themselves too much to the extent of not minding the feeling of their girlfriends. They want to be treated nicely but not ready to reciprocate to the people around them.

  • They treat women casually

Light skinned man will never treat you with respect because he knows even if he loses you, he’ll get another woman immediately. Women hate being treated casually especially by men.

  • They never take life seriously—they take time to mature

Majority of light skinned men aren’t responsible. These people invest so much on their looks at the expense of investing for the future. You can admire the looks but when you are in, you realize that the man is useless.

  • Some are gay

Some light skinned men are gay and this is why many women don’t like to get married to these people. It’s hard for any woman to date a gay man.

  • They easily cheat on their wives

More than 90% if light skinned Kenyan men cheat on their wives. Who on earth would hang around a man who can cheat at any given time?!!