Facts About Luhya Ladies


There are several facts about Luhya Ladies that you may not know. These facts will particularly help men in identifying women to marry if they were to cross beyond their tribe. Luhya ladies live in Western Kenya but there are a number of them in Nairobi. Before you date or marry a Luhya lady, know the following facts:

  • They are very sweet in bed

Luhya ladies have nice figures with a lot of fat, making them sweet in bed. Even if she’s not a yellow yellow, men will confess that she is indeed sweet. Tena wanajua sana kupeana hadi mwanaume anasema tamu kama asali,nakupea mali yangu yote.

  • Wife material

Luhya women are wife material; they rarely leave their matrimonial home unless the worst happens. Luhya women know how to cook, they are submissive and respectful. The best thing again is that they always defend their men.

  • They leave their children with their boyfriends/husbands

Most Luhya women have left their children with their boyfriends. In Nairobi, you’ll find a Luhya lady who is over 35, single na anakuambia hana mtoto—huyo anakudanganya. Some of them leave even 4 children with different fathers and go to town alone.

  • She can easily cheat on you

Luhya women will easily cheat on you especially if they get a money with more money who is good in bed. Her loyalty depends on how her husband treats her.

  • She is comfortable with a co-wife

Since Luhya men are polygamous in nature, their women are used to that lifestyle. Even if a man adds another wife, as long as the first wife has a home, she won’t get bothered at all. They are unlike Kikuyu women who don’t embrace polygamy.

  • They are motherly

Luhya women are ever motherly. These ladies know how to take care of children and their husbands. This quality alone makes them among the best women to marry in Kenya.

  • Aggressive

Luhya women are very aggressive, wanajua kutafuta.Even though they are not as aggressive as Kikuyu ladies in regard to business, they know how to look for food and how to work hard to ensure their families are stable.

  • Not extravagant

These ladies are not extravagant,hawakuji kumaliza mali yako.When you marry such a lady,you know that atachunga mali.