We will be covering various monetization strategies for bloggers in Kenya in the course of our engagement here. One of them is AdSense. More than 95% of bloggers in Kenya earn money through AdSense. All you need is to create a blog and follow these conditions before applying for AdSense:

—Your site must have high level domain name.To get high level domain name,click here to visit Bluehost and buy one

—Every article should contain more than 500 words

—Your site must be at least 3 weeks old

—Your content should be fresh, unique and of high quality

—Adult content won’t be approved

—You should create more than 20 high quality articles before applying for AdSense

—Your site should not have other monetization banners when applying for AdSense.

—Avoid gambling, casino, entertainment, politics and gadgets topics because sites with such content aren’t approved.

It will take approximately two days to get approved.

You will earn money depending on the amount of traffic your site gets. Those getting 100,000 page views per month earn Ksh 10,000 and above.

For my case, when I was using AdSense, that was 2017, my average monthly page views were 3 million and I used to pull in Ksh250,000 per month. There was a time one of my sites received 20 million views per month and I earned Ksh 1.8 million over that period.

If you manage to get 1 million page views, your income will be Ksh 150,000 and above. To get this amount of traffic isn’t easy, you have to share your content on social media and ensure it’s of high quality.

AdSense income is higher for sites receiving organic traffic than social traffic.To get organic traffic,you should use specific keywords which are searchable online.Sites like Venas News employ this tact,which is why they receive more than 90% of their traffic through Google and other search engines.