How do bloggers get traffic for their sites?


This is a common question among new bloggers. It usually comes after few days of blogging where one posts several articles without getting anyone to read them. If you are facing such a challenge, relax, don’t panic. Currently, I own 6 blogs and each of them receives more than 200,000 visitors per month. I was only worried when I created my first blog because I didn’t understand how traffic is obtained. But with experience, I learnt that content is king.

In blogging, there is a dormant period which lasts for about one year. This is the moment when most bloggers quit because they aren’t seen any fruits. But for a passionate blogger, being persistent is the best decision to make when things are not going right. All you need is to create useful content that excites readers. People will come ones and if they get what they wanted, they’ll come again and again.

The fact that someone has a huge following on social media may not help them much if their content is not good enough. You will share posts but none will drive traffic to your site because your followers know that you don’t have good content.

Generally, if you need traffic for your new site, these are the techniques to employ:

  1. Create good content
  2. Use the right long-tail keywords
  3. Share on social media
  4. Choose a niche with many keywords or one that’s popular in your region
  5. Create fresh content on daily basis

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