How MPs Steal from Kenyans through Exaggerated Mileage Costs


Kenyan MPs are extremely rich despite earning Ksh 1.2 million each.One of the tricks they use to get wealth is to exaggerate mileage costs.

Below is a classic example of how one Member of Parliament pocketed Ksh43 million in a span of one year by just travelling from Nairobi to Kericho:

Kericho county women rep Florence Bore is claiming mileage of Shs.43, 600,866 in the last financial year.

Average cost of fuel was Sh.100 meaning she used 436,008 Litres of fuel. The land cruiser Prado she uses consumes about 1litre for every 10km, meaning in the last financial year she covered 4,360,080kms.

The distance from North pole to South pole is 40,008km meaning a round trip will be 80,016 kms meaning Tapnyole made round trips to and from the North pole to South pole 54times.

The cost of a land cruiser Prado TRJ150W is 7.5m that means her mileage cost us 5similar vehicles in one year. Suppose the tank capacity for this car is 90litres, then this car was fueled 4845 times that year, 403times every month and 13 times every day.

Distance of earth circumference is 40,075km which means Kericho women rep traveled round the earth approximately 108times.

In a day she covered 10,000 kms and if driving for 24hrs a day, it translates to approximately 450km/hr, a supersonic speed with a land cruiser.