Police Ranks and Salaries in Kenya 2021


Police earn salaries based on the ranks. The highest paid police officer in Kenya is the Inspector General who earns a whopping Ksh 854,241 per month, followed by Senior Assistant Inspector General with a monthly salary of Ksh 854,241.On top of these salaries, they also pocket huge allowances—in excess of Ksh200, 000 per month each. Under the Senior Assistant Inspector general is Assistant Inspector General who earns a basic salary of Ksh 187,890 per month.

Below are the salaries earned by the police officers in Kenya based on ranks:

Inspector general of police – Ksh. 854,241

 Senior assistant inspector general – Ksh. 274,890

 Assistant inspector general – Ksh. 187, 890

Commissioner of police – Ksh. 130,590

Senior superintendent – Ksh. 85,890

 Superintendent – Ksh. 73,020

Assistant superintendent – Ksh. 70, 530

Chief inspector – Ksh. 59,220

Inspector of police – Ksh. 53,820

Senior sergeant – Ksh. 50,220 Sergeant – Ksh.45,540

Corporal – Ksh. 42,660

Cadet inspector of police salary – Ksh. 38,000

Constable/Fresh Graduate – Ksh. 32,880

From the ranks above,the lowest paid police officers are the fresh graduates/constable who take home Ksh 32,880 per month.

The good thing about police is that they have several sources of income. Most officers own pubs/wines and spirits, matatus and apartments. The luckiest are those working as traffic police officers because they make more money from their hustles than their monthly salaries.