Tips on how to prevent thieves from breaking into your house


What if ukitoka kazi jioni upate vitu zako zote zimeibiwa?This is the worst feeling you’ll ever have especially when living in major towns.Nowadays the cases of house breaking and burglary has been on the rise.Bodaboda riders have made it easy to carry household goods.

Personally, I have experienced house breaking and I can swear it’s a terrifying experience. The first time it happened to me was in 2016.I remember waking up to prepare breakfast only to be shocked that hakuna TV,hakuna laptop,hakuna simu ,hakuna gas,hakuna pasi,hakuna fridge,hakuna microwave,hakuna kila kitu.these guys had all the time to steal while I was a sleep—I didn’t hear anything.The shock I got,wacha tu!That night I didn’t sleep,nilikuwa naogopa wanaezakuja tena.It took me almost 3 months to forget the ordeal.

Now,as a Kenyan prepare to lose your household items, but before then,you should try as much as possible to prevent it.Here are the best tips to use in order to prevent your house being broken into;

  1. Install CCTV camera which you switch on when you’re away or asleep.
  2. Ukilala usiku,funga mlango wan je juu na chini.Make sure you have a place for two padlocks.
  3. Avoid bringing bodaboda guys to your house—hao ndio wezi.
  4. When things are stolen,the first person to suspect are watchmen,neighbours and friends.Watu wenye hawakujui it’s hard wakuibie.
  5. Avoid telling everyone all your plans. If you are travelling away from the estate for a while, just go.
  6. When you’re not around, fungulia radio uweke sauti ndogo.They might think someone is around.
  7. Write your name and phone number on all products in your house.
  8. If you’re travelling upcountry for sometime,look for someone you trust to temporarily live in your house.
  9. In case they break into the house and you hear them,don’t shout or scream,inform everyone you know through SMS.
  10. Buy high quality padlocks on your main door.
  11. Use two padlocks on your main door.
  12. Before you sleep,check everywhere even below the bed to check whether there’s a stranger around.