17 Clear Signs that a man is cheating on you


There are clear signs that a man is cheating on you. You don’t have to hire someone to trail him, just use your own experience, observation and make conclusions. As a man, I can easily tell that another man is cheating on his girlfriend or wife by just observing how he behaves.

  1. Here are 17 clear signs that a man is cheating on you:
  2. If everything in his phone has a password
  3. If he loses interest in you especially in bed.
  4. If he comments on a certain girl’s posts and the girl actively responds to the comments
  5. If he has a specific phone which he switches off when he is in the house.
  6. If he keeps threatening you that he will leave you.
  7. He doesn’t leave his phone near you. He goes with it even to the toilet
  8. If he suddenly becomes weak in bed
  9. If he comes home with a unique smell—he smells good.
  10. If he goes out of the house to receive calls.
  11. He never complement you no matter how good you look.
  12. He has many business trips that usual. If you are used to him having one or two business trips and all of a sudden they become many, that man is cheating on you.
  13. He doesn’t allow you to touch his phone.
  14. He doesn’t post you on Facebook.
  15. Getting shopping receipt in his pocket yet he didn’t shop for you.
  16. Getting a condom in his trousers’ pockets
  17. If he mentions the name of a lady while dreaming

If you realize that he does most of the things mentioned above, know that he is cheating on you.

In this era of technology, you should observe keenly on how he behaves with his phone—it will give clear indication whether he is cheating or not.