The Safest and Riskiest Bets on Football


Betting on sports is all about probabilities. The odds displayed at bookmakers don’t only express how much money you can win if you bet on a football match but also the probability of an outcome. The favorite is always a more likely winner than the underdog. Thus, betting on the favorite is always the safest option – but it’s also the one involving the smallest winnings.

A look at the best online sports betting Tanzania has to offer reveals that the odds become more attractive as the bets become riskier. But things are not that simple as they seem at first, at least not if you want to dive deeper into the secrets of betting at Betway.

The safest bets

The safest bet at a bookmaker is always the Draw no bet option. Normally, a football match has three possible outcomes: either of the two teams can win, or there can be a draw. Bookmakers mark these possibilities with 1 (for team 1 to win), X (for a draw), and 2 (for team 2 to win).

When betting outright on a match, you can bet on either of these three outcomes. This sounds like a pretty safe bet – but the draw no bet option is safer. In this case, you can bet on whether team 1 or team 2 will win the match, and get your stake back if the outcome is a draw.

Double chance is another safe option. Instead of betting on one possible outcome, like in the case of an outright or the draw no bet option, here, you can bet on two possible outcomes. The options available are 1-X (home win or draw), X-2 (draw or away win), or 1-2 (home or away win). This option can reduce your risk the most, covering more potential outcomes in one shot.

Other, rather safe options you can choose would be over/under, where you have to predict whether there will be more or less than a set number of goals, fouls, corners, or yellow cards in a match (often 2.5), or both teams to score (which is pretty self-explanatory).

The riskiest bets

Now, let’s take a look at some of the bets that, while they do have attractive payouts, are among the riskiest choices you can make at a bookmaker.

One of them would be the half-time/full-time option, where you place not one bet but two: you have to guess which team will be ahead at the 45-minute mark and at the end of the match (normal time). Here, you have nine distinct possibilities, ranging from home/home to away/away. To win, you have to correctly predict both – otherwise, you lose.

Another bet that can be highly unpredictable is the first goalscorer which, as its name suggests, lets you predict the first player to score in a match. While you may feel tempted to bet on the team’s star player, there is absolutely no way to make an informed prediction about this – there are simply too many variables to take into account. The same goes for the last goalscorer when available.

Finally, let’s spare a thought to accumulator bets. These consist of bets placed on several matches – up to 20 of them at most online bookmakers. For an accumulator to win, you have to predict all the winners correctly – even one miss will render the ticket a loser. Some bookmakers refund your stake in the case of a single losing bet on an accumulator – but even in this case, it’s still not a winner.

Betting on sports is a great way to heighten the excitement of an event – and a way to make some money in the process. May your bets always be safe, and the odds always in your favor.